We're still so overwhelmed by the positive feedback on the Cake Shack by the guests in the Bridal fair. We just wanted to share some of the silly/cute remarks we overheard during the bridal fair.

All For Love

"Super tigas lang ng fondant na groom kaya niya nabubuhat yung cake." 
Actually, it has a metal stand hidden somewhere. This cake is as stable as a normal one so don't worry about it falling off. I'm glad the illusion fooled a lot of people. 

"Ay dapat yung girl ang nagbubuhat."
Pwede rin but isn't it so much more fun if guys do the dirty work? All for love, people. All for love. HAHA

Chandelier Cake


"Ay, cake pala yan"
I had no idea that this didn't look like a cake. But yes, we are the Cake Shack and it was beside another display cake, so... :)


Sir: "So how do we cut this?"
Gui: "Um, Sir, with a knife." (oops)


Sir: "Cake yan? Ang galing! Hindi ba yan mahuhulog?"
Gui: "Sir, this cake is very stable. As you can see the stand shifts the center of gravity so the cake won't fall. WEH joke lang, pinawelding lang namin yan, hindi kami nagcompute. But it's very stable *shakes the whole cake and prays it DOES NOT FALL (it didn't, btw)*"

Genine: "Ma'am would you like a free taste?"
Ma'am: "No thank you, hindi ako kumakain ng bread."


The Cake Shack is a two-woman team

Sir: "So kayo na yung buong team ng Cake Shack?"
Genine: "Yes sir, Ako yung baker and dishwasher, siya yung decorator and delivery boy."

Can I just say! This is a totally UNBIASED review on our red velvet cupcakes. THEY ARE FREAKIN AWESOME. They're perfect for Valentine's day... coz they're red. OK moving on.
This adorable cupcake stand is totally borrow-able. :)
Our cousin from the states ordered a bunch of these babies for tomorrow afternoon; and Genine made an awesome mistake of baking more than what our cousin ordered! THEREFOREEEEEEEE, I got salvation army cupcakes to taste! 
Most people love frosting, so this cupcake is perfect for them! But if you're more about the cake (like me!), you can always scrape some of the delicious cream cheese frosting off.

I tell you, this recipe isn't like the ones normally sold that taste good lang coz of the frosting. I dare you to eat this cupcake naked and not like it! Ang sarap, walang exag.
SEE how moist and dense the cake is? HEAVENLY.

The cream cheese frosting perfectly complemented the moist red velvet cake. I swear if I didn't have trouble dragging my arse around the house, I would've had more, no, I would've had all the extras my sister baked. But life ain't that great, honey. 

Have a wonderful what's-left-of-the-weekend weekend! :D


Hey everyone! How was your vacation? I hope you all had a blast! Genine and I enjoyed the holidays with our family in the province, and we both thought it was cut too short. Oh well! It's back to work at the Cake Shack! Good thing it's always work and play around here. :D
This week's cake is a soccer cake. It's our client's birthday gift to her boyfriend. But while I was making it, I couldn't stop thinking about my future son/daughter! Isn't this a perfect cake for a cutsie patootsie toddler?
I had fun piping the grass because it didn't need any pattern at all! I just love it when there are no rules/restrictions. Although my hand hurt afterwards, I felt that I had arthritis or something. It's not easy, I tell you. HAHA!
Anyway! Before I get arthritis I wanna have a child. NOT ANYTIME SOON, THOUGH! And I'm gonna make him/her this cake. And I'll take the exact same picture as the one above, only I'd be older looking and probably WISER. HAHA. 

That's it for me! Have a wonderful day

Awesome, our website's up and running! Now we just need a little retouching here and there... And of course, updates for our new blog, Cake Diaries.

My sister and I (Genine here, BTW), like any recent college graduate, were going through a confused phase of "purposelessness" a.k.a. quarter-life crisis! We wanted to do something awesome with our careers, not just enter into the corporate world and get our first paychecks. But this desire prohibited us from productivity, hence we were couch potatoes for several months. Nine o' clock in the evening was bed time, and at ten or eleven the following day was breakfast time. The boredom and being stuck in a time-warped house was pretty painful, I can tell you that... BUT it was because of that one time, during our routine TV sessions, our light bulbs lit in unison. 

An episode of Foodnetwork's Ace of Cakes.

TING! Let's put up a cake shop! My eyes bulged as I told my sister that I've always secretly wanted to run a cute little cake shop and make fun desserts like Duff Goldman. I was a frustrated pastry cook. I still am, in many, many ways... But that's another story. 

So, here we are right now, armed with creativity, passion and business sense. The sisters, who were once couch potatoes, are now in the cake business. So far, in spite of the drama, we always have fun playing with edible dough, and shaping 'em up into broomsticks and telephone booths. And oh, making a little money out of it too. ;)

Cheers to a new beginning!

You guys have a sweet day,
Genine xoxo