Hey Everyone! How was your weekend? We spent ours working on yet another couple lovey-dovey cake once again. As to when I will have the need to create a cake like this for my own benefit is beyond me. HAHA. (Sorry for the inappropriate self-centered side note)

Cam, my college friend, had planned on giving her boyfriend, B. Uy, a cake since December. I absolutely LOVED that she gave me more than a month to plan her cake.  They’re the sweetie pateetie (er, that sounded wrong) couple who makes sundo (I know, how conyo!) each other after work, so on the weekdays they spend most of their time in the car after work and school.

So what better topper to put on the cake than a couple in their very own miniature sugar car? These are freshly made toppers, see how the sugar hasn't melted from the surface yet? HAHAHA
The flavor? Our best seller—Old School Chocolate Cake. 
I had most fun making the tiny blue convertible. Genine made the cutsie retro couple in their matching periwinkle outfits. They’re so cute, aren’t they? 
Cam and B.Uy cruising in the love zone. HAHA. Anddd, I think that’s my cue. To leave and stop torturing you guys with my badly written lines.

Thanks for dropping by at The Cake Shack!

So now we know what it's like to eat the colors of the rainbow. 
Whisk Kid made this super epic rainbow cake that we just had to do. We were surprised and delighted that it came out almost like hers! 

This delicious coconut cake doused with amazing colors of the rainbow did not fail to make us happy. Smarla of Everday Sweet Notes iced and decorated this cake. It was smothered in plain white frosting, concealing the true nature of this cake. 
You can check out her post about our fun and colorful experience here
Photo Courtesy of Smarla Angtuaco
Showing someone the behind-the-scenes of cake decorating and baking was a first for us here at The Cake Shack. Honestly, Guillain and I were a bit nervous, having someone observe our work. But Smarla did more than that---she had her game on decorating and on baking. We're very thankful for having had her here, and making her day turn from a sad one to a colorful one. ;)

The Big Gay Rainbow Cake
Six layers of coconut butter cake filled with cream cheese frosting
8 inches in diameter, 5 inches in height

*Special price only until December 2010!