I like how they're comfortably snuggled in this little vintage car.
Oh yes, it's cake!
checkmate |ˈ ch ekˌmāt|
a check from which a king cannot escape.
• [as exclam. ] (by a player) announcing that the opponent's king is in such a position.

I hate to think that every marriage is a situation from which a groom cannot escape. Instead, I'd like to think that a marriage is not only a union of two people, but a union of two lives. Two people with two distinct lives, who are willing to set aside their differences to be together. So, everyone unites because of love! ISN'T THAT SWEET? 

Forgive me if my thoughts seem naive but that is what I want to believe, and age/time hasn't come to rob me of my ideals just yet.
See, so The Cake Shack's Chess Set is actually different from all the others. Nobody eats anybody on this board. They all live happily ever after, with the occasional problems brought about by in-laws. *winkwink*

P.S. The marble is sugar! :)
Here's to finding all our mates.

If you're wondering why Audrey Hepburn ended up in our Cake Diaries, we made a 50's RETRO CAKE and she's here show you how it turned out! 
Originally, the cake should've been just the Vinyl Record and the Jukebox. BUT THEN, we thought it would be totally awesome if we put the record on a turntable, just to complete the look! So we did.
Isn't it purrtyyyy! Oh, and the wood grain is made of sugar. I love how the Cake Shack pushes us to become better artists. Every order gets us thinking of how to make each cake awesomer. 
Below, the Jukebox we made days earlier. It really hardened like a rock in the dehumidifier! This is definitely something the birthday celebrant could keep. :)
'Til the next order!

Gui and Genin.
Hello, everyone! We're having a contest on our FACEBOOK PAGE as a Mother's day special. Check out the deets below. :D

How to join:
1. Email us the sweetest photo of you and your Mom/Tita/Lola/Mommy Figure
2. Include a one-line caption on why you love your Mum
3. Send your entry to cakeshackcakery@gmail.com. Only entries sent via email will be accepted
4. Invite your friends to like your photo on our facebook page/album. 

Terms and Conditions:
1. Photos must include you and/or your siblings, and your Mum/Mommy figure.
3. Maximum number of entries: 1 per person
4. Deadline of submission of entries is on April 24, 2011
5. Deadline of votes/likes is on May 1, 2011
6. Photo with most number of likes wins the Big Gay Rainbow Cake
7. Three runners up will receive 1 dozen of Old School Chocolate cupcakes each
8. Prizes shall be picked up in Petron Katipunan, QC or Tumana, Marikina City. Winners may opt for delivery to certain places in the Metro. Delivery charges apply.
9. Prizes can be claimed within May 8 to May 15, 2011. Except Friday the 13th though. We aren't superstitious... Our car is just coding on that day. 
10. Winners should inform us when they want to pick-up their prizes. (So we can bake it fresh!)